Friday, July 8, 2011

Ling In da House Giveaway :)

Beshhhnya kalau dapat menang hadiah plush toy tu kan :)..
ok saya copy n paste dari blog cik penanjur ya!

The goodies consist of :
-A Minnie Plush toy
-A Disney Junior Note Book
-A Jake Sling Bag
-A height chart
- Stickers
- A Mug (not from DJ, but from the warehouse sale..hehhee)

Ok, 3 special steps... THAT'S ALL YOU NEED...**oops sounds like Special Agent Oso mission..
3 Special Steps.....Ooo sounds like a plan! --DONE!!!
1) Participant must be my blog follower
2) Write a simple entry on this giveaway in your blog and include the picture above in your entry too. - done!!!
3) Once done, drop a comment in my comment box with the link of your entry. --done!!!
**Failure to comply to any steps above mentioned, will not be included in the draw***

Since Disney Junior will be replacing Playhouse Disney on 11th July 2011, I shall draw out the lucky winner on the same day as well. Therefore, the giveaway will end on 10th July 2011.

ok siyes beshhh...jom uoll join sekali...

keterangan lanjut klik sini ya!

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